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  1. Janine Andrews says:

    It's Race Day.

    From Monday through Friday, most of us live a mundane life. Working our 9-5, stressfully squeezing in a work out somewhere in between preparing dinner, laundry, homework if you have kids, and getting ready to do it all over again the following day. Partner that with some chronic pain; spine injuries, and a continuous battle with your own body, it hardly seems worthwhile.

    But then you awake on race day, suddenly there’s a thud, and another thud; it’s getting louder and harder to ignore. That’s your heart beating. You’re suddenly ALIVE, no longer complacent and sedentary, with the only means of circulation being your bathroom visits during the office work day. ALIVE, every little nerve ending on your body is frantically preparing to react and perform for what is to come. Your body awareness shifts from focusing on pain and weakness to finding your inner strength. Heart is racing, blood surging, excitement and nervousness building, feelings your body seems to forget during your “regular “daily life. Then you see your team mates, (aka race family; support system), obviously experiencing the same emotions and excitement as you. Your heart rate begins to slow for that small moment of calm as you follow your standard race rituals, taking energy gels, taping your laces, stretching and so on until you hear that 5 minute warning, meaning the race is about to start. Then BOOM, heart rate is at max, breathing has accelerated to a point where you are barely getting oxygen, skin is tingling, body trembling, chest is tight and your knees go weak. That rush that only a racer knows, the reaction of a body getting ready to do all the things you have trained for and even some you did not but you ARE ready. Despite what your mind is telling you and the state of sheer panic your body is in, you ARE ready. And when someone asks why I do this, I tell them this “To feel ALIVE!” That, for me, is accomplished at the start. And the finish; well that’s just the icing on the cake. I know the motto is “You’ll know at the finish line!” but for me I knew it at the start.

    Rock on Spahtens and Happy Spartan Race day!

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