Do you have questions about the NE Spahtens? Would you like us to come out and support your event? Are you media, wondering what the sport of Obstacle Course Racing is all about and looking for a story?

This site is managed by a team of Spahtens, and between us we have access to the entire community – literally hundreds of every day folks (and many not so every day folks) who train, run, lift and plan for these races all year.

You can reach that admin team:

  • Paul Jones -
  • Jessica Wohlen –
  • Mike McKenzie –
  • James Horgan -
  • Nate DeMontigny –
  • Jeremy Fedderly -
  • Ellen Duffey -
  • Sandy Rhee –
  • Beth Jones –

If you have questions, of any kind – please contact us.

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  1. Seyi Solanke says:

    Looking to join.

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