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  • Name: Shaina
  • Event details (parking, facilities, vendors, schwag etc):

I’m not a city driver, especially with my Beastly (the Chevy Tahoe with the SR Stickers) so I took the T in for all 3 days and for me having that option was great. Obviously the event location was fabulous, though the facilities were “set” as it is what it is. No outside food, beverages, even sales of merchandise were not allowed in the park. There were, however, flushing toilets and running water. What a luxury for the OCRacer! Vendors as far as I saw were Inov8, the SR merchandise, and Reload Fitness and Team in Training both had tables set up. I got sucked into getting myself a pair of Invo8s at what they called a discounted price (not really at $100 but good luck finding a place to try on Inov8s or buy them in person). They really are worth the money!
I worked the future race table on Saturday and it would have been great if SR sold both Saturday and Sunday races, not just Sunday. A lot of people walked away not wanting that option, which left myself and the SR staff working with me sitting in the cold all day with few sales.
I also wish there were a few more things for spectators to do, although I think being in Fenway was pretty darn good.
Schwag was typical. SR bag with samples inside. I’m going to use James Horgan’s idea and start making myself SR sandbags with all of these I’ve collected. The shirts and medals were fantastic, special for the venue, all Fenway park.

  • Race details (course, obstacles, difficulty etc):

First I want to touch on the kids race. Lots of fun, my kids loved their first Spartan race and my 9 year old is now wanting to get older not just to get her own cell phone, but to be able to run in the big people’s race! The race itself, however, should have been organized a bit better. The only place you could really see the kids was inside so when we went to watch my 9 year old we went inside and then I had to run back out with my 5 year old for the younger kids’ race and when we got back to the finish line my 9 year old was standing there in near tears because she thought we lost her since no one was there to receive her. There was no clear signs showing start or finish for the kids race so my sister stayed put hoping my daughter would find her there. I think this is only and issue for this venue though, so hopefully they’ll just think more about it for next year.

As for the big kids’ race….
I went into it scared out of my mind after hearing “horror” stories and coming out of sickness and injury myself so I took it pretty easy, always weary about what was around the next corner. The race was intensely hands on workouts and I loved that. This is why they called it a time trial, not a sprint. I ended up being in my element. Instead of muddy rocky crawls we crawled up jagged ramps. The hills obviously replaced by stair runs. The rowing was a mental kick in the face and many slow paced burpees were performed at this station. More obstacles, in no specific order, water jug carry up and down stairs, push up station, cement block carry and burpees station, walls, walls, over unders, a very tall and heavy hurculean hoist, short rope climb, burpeeville (aka spear toss, wall traverse, and foolish baseball throw into a bucket). Some more notable stations- Jump rope with a thick battle rope kind of rope, hobie hop up a few flights of stairs (alas, there was beer at the top but the volunteer told be I could not partake), and most notable in my book, the heaviest sandbag I’ve lugged maybe ever. I am an avid mountain hiker and always carry a 40ish lb pack wherever I go and this sandbag made me want to puke half way up the FIRST set of stairs. I don’t know how many stairs we went up and down, I just had to zone out and get through it. I am truly thankful for that station as it really tested me. Towards the finish line there was a very tall wall that I ended up being a sissy and using the steps for knowing right after was another burpee station and doing 60 burpees did not sound appealing to me at that point. I do want to note my disappointment in the burpees station as all they wanted was a squat thrust. I did full burpees the whole race, including here. After this was another cargo net   climb then some box jumps and finally the gladiators and the finish. I was surprised how easy the end was and mad that I hadn’t pushed harder for the rest of the race. All in all though, EXCELLENT! What an experience, I can not wait until next year!

  • Rating: Excellent


  • Name: Jessica W.
  • Event details (parking, facilities, vendors, schwag etc):

Parking:  I took the T, so it wasn’t a big deal
Facilities: Fenway Park bathrooms!  Hooray for no port-a-potties!!  (And they seemed to stay relatively clean!)
Vendors: Fenway fare was available, but I did not partake
Schwag:  Special T’s and Medals – One word:  AWESOME!!!

  • Race details (course, obstacles, difficulty etc):

This was not your typical Spartan Race.  No mud, water, or fire.  That being said, it was still super fun.  It was like cross-fit meets Sparta.

There were some of our SR favorites: Cargo Nets, Walls, O-U-Ts, Hobie Hop (up stairs), carrying heavy things, and crawling.  There were also some fun CF things:  Ball Slams, Box Jumps, Jump Rope, Rowing.

The Herculean Hoist was REALLY tall, but still easy for me – I seriously think its time to go up to the men’s weight on this.  For the first time ever I stuck the spear (5th time’s the charm!), and killed the traverse wall (again, 5th time’s the charm?!).

I had to “burpee out” of the rope climb, and I missed the ball toss.  Other than that it was business as usual.

I liked the change of pace, but I’m looking forward to getting muddy again at Amesbury!

  • Rating: Excellent

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