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Poor races

This isn’t so much a race review for an event I hit up, but a general comment on poorly organized, potentially dangerous races in general – and how much support the OCR community is giving them.

Firstly, check this review out –

The Sqwish Sqwash Challenge in Florida was universally panned as terrible – from the organization of the event, to the actual event itself. I mean, check out the video of the monkey bars …. or rather, the ladder strung up on a wobbly frame, with a step ladder to get up … *REALLY*?

It would be easy to shrug off as a one time deal – but this is their third event. They have appeared on the Matt B Davis podcast, and made some big promises. Even worse – they are not the only race series doing this.

If you read into the comments, and on their website – this is compared to the much bigger Rebel Race – they have an event in MA coming up soon. The Renegade Playground Challenge, a NH race with plenty of experience behind it just had a terrible event – running out of water, having obstacles collapse and not get repaired.

It’s one thing to attend an event and find it too easy or lacking a challenge, it’s another for the event itself to be downright dangerous.

So, question for the NE Spahtens – what does it take to stop the OCR community from supporting these guys? Why do we keep signing up for every OCR event on the market? It’s not like they are cheap days out … and those medical bills afterwards are even more costly …